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Professional Vinyl Stencils for Door and Window Shops, Sandblast Artisans, Decorative Painters and Designers, Concrete Specialists

ProStencil - Vinyl and Rubber Stencils

For Sandblast Artists, Decorative Painters and Concrete Specialists

ProStencil provides professional quality vinyl and rubber stencils for sandblasting, paint stenciling, etching, embossing, and skim coating on various materials including doors, walls, glass, concrete, stone, tile and wood. Our decorative stencils are beneficial for use by painters and designers, sandblast artisans, concrete specialists, and creative individuals. We have an extensive library of designs in our stencil catalog and also a large catalog of door stencil designs. When we don’t have a stencil that meets your needs, we can provide custom design services..

Stencils to Meet your Needs

You shouldn’t have to adapt your project to the stencil...
ProStencil can adapt the stencil for you

Fruit Basket Stencil
Door Stencil

Sandblast Artisans

Sandblasting can be both creative and very profitable. Creatively using high quality, customizable stencils can make the difference between “just doing” and “doing well. Our stencils work on a wide array of materials and as a resist for so many different uses including glass, stone, tile, and wood. Whether sandblasting is your primary business or just a part of it, we can provide the stencil products and support you need.


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Designs for Glass and Doors

  • Pantry
  • Wine Room
  • Office
  • Game Room
  • Entry
  • Store Front
Sandblasted pantry door

We have 170+ door stencils already predesigned that your can order, or mix and match elements. See our catalog of predesigned door stencils. In addition, we have seen beautiful sandblasted doors done directly on wood with our stencils.

Sandblasting on Wood

Rubber stencil on wood

Rubber stencils can be used to sandblast directly on wood doors or any wood products.

Stencils for Stone & Tile

Rubber stencils can be used on stone and tile to sandblast many types of functional and decorative works.

  • Backsplashes
  • Border Tiles
  • Mantels
  • Bathrooms
  • Floors
  • Pet Stones
  • Garden Art
  • Pet Stones
  • Wall Art
  • Address Plaques
  • Logos
Name palque on stone
Sandblasted tile

Decorative Painters and Designers

Paint Artistry

Our self adhesive stencils, also known as decorative masking patterns, can be advantageous for use by mural and faux painters. They allow you to apply texture and decorative treatments to walls, ceilings, and furniture. High quality stencils open a vast array of possibilities, including the ability to create inlaid and embossed effects

  • Borders
  • Motifs
  • Corners
  • Tiles
  • Animals
  • Silhouettes
  • Monograms
  • Floral

Express Yourself

The Power of Words in Stencils

Order a custom designed lettering stencil for beautiful lettering art. You can paint an inspirational quote or favorite saying. You can also sandblast these onto glass, stone, tile or wood. A few words can speak volumes or bring up a depth of emotions. “I Love You”, “My Little Princess”, and “Good Friends Forever” are all much more than just three words. Just a few words can portray love affection and friendship. They can also empower, motivate or state core values. They are equally appropriate in Wall Street board rooms, a dental office, an exercise room, a patio or a baby’s nursery!

  • Choice of font, style, & size - Commonly used fonts are shown in our standard Font List with thousands more also available
  • Perfectly aligned and spaced - we fit the lettering to the project
  • Our one time use stencils allows you to use any font style – Not a “stencil look”
  • Cut on self adhesive vinyl or rubber
Each day is a gift quote on 4 tiles.

Concrete Specialists

Our self adhesive concrete stencils can be used on almost any surface - walls, driveways, patios, commercial floors. Use our designs to apply a pattern, texture or stain over existing or freshly laid concrete. Once complete, the concrete will be transformed into a beautiful accent.

  • Decorative Borders
  • Medallions
  • Corporate Logos
  • Custom Artwork
  • Monograms
Concrete Hall

Design Books

Do you want a book to supplement your online viewing of ProStencil designs or sandblasted door designs? Click Here for more information.

Stencils Made Easy

Stencils can open a whole new creative world to both the
professional and the hobbiest.

Outstanding results can be yours even if you are new to using stencils! Our tutorials cover many of the basic techniques that will help you. Click here to review the Tutorials.